Nutanix OpenStack Virtual Machine Version 4.0 Released

A few days ago, 2017-09-20, Nutanix released a new version of their OpenStack Virtual Machine (OVM) so the current version is now 4.0. There major enhancement with this version is that it includes Acropolis OpenStack Newton driver. The follow software was also release same time as the new OVM:

  • Nutanix drivers (in rpm format) meaning not using an OVM
  • Mitaka to Newton upgrade RPM

Below figure shows the Function of the Acropolis OpenStack Drivers

Important: The picture has was created by Nutanix meaning that the copyright belongs to Nutanix so don’t use the picture without approval from Nutanix.

This is excellent news for all of you running Nutanix OVM in production or planning to do so and same time require high availability. The following picture describes the logical implementation.

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Njoy the new OVM 4.0 release