Nutanix Prism Central – Enable Self Service & Apps

This blog post will be an updated version of 2017 Nutanix Self Service Portal Part I – Preparation & Initial ConfigurationΒ which was created before Calm got integrated in Prism Central which happened with the release of Prism Central and AOS 5.5.

Follow the below steps to enable the Self Service and Apps (Calm) functionality in Prism Central version 5.7

  1. Log in to Prism Central and click the question mark in the upper right corner
  2. Click “New in Prism Central” and then “Self Service & Apps
  3. Unless you haven’t already, which I haven’t, setup a Directory Service for your PC you will be asked to do so. In this case I will setup an Active Directory directory service but you have the option of using OpenLDAP as well. Fill out the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Domain
    3. DIrectory URL
    4. Credentials – service ice account to be used by PC to connect to the directory service
      1. Username
      2. Password
  4. Configure Self Service by:
    1. Assigning one or more directory service groups or users the Self Service Admin role
    2. Select the default Prism Element (PE) which is a Nutanix Cluster
    3. Select Networks that will be available for Self Service Projects.
      1. You can set a default one as well. In my case I made vlan80 the default one.
  5. Now you have everything setup for enable Self Service and the last step is about Apps (Calm) and you can select if you want:
    1. To “Enable App Management”
    2. Use “Nutanix Seeded Blueprint”
  6. Verify that the configuration was carried out ok via the Tasks menu.
  7. Now go to the Apps menu and wait for the configuration to complete.
  8. When done you are ready to start using Self Service and Apps

Enjoy this pretty awesome feature.