Nutanix Product Ports & Protocols

Not sure if you have already seen this already but recently Nutanix made a change to its overall documentation available via portal.nutanix.com. The change includes where product ports and protocols information is displayed and instead of keeping it in each and every products documentation it will be available via one place which makes it way easier to find the information you’re looking for.

Via Software Documentation -> Software Documentation you’ll find a link Ports and Protocols

The document behind the link includes Ports and Protocols information for the following products & features.

  • 1-click Upgrade
  • AHV
  • AOS
  • CSI Volume Driver
  • Calm
  • Collector Portal
  • Collector Tool
  • Data Lens
  • Disaster Recovery – Leap
  • Disaster Recovery – Metro Availability (ESXi and Hyper-V)
  • Disaster Recovery – Metro Availability with Leap (AHV)
  • Disaster Recovery – Metro Availability with Leap (AHV) – CCLM
  • Disaster Recovery – Protection Domain
  • Era (Database Server VM)
  • Era (Mongo DB)
  • Era (Multi-cluster Network)
  • Era (My SQL and Maria DB)
  • Era (Oracle)
  • Era (Postgres)
  • Era (SQL Server)
  • File Analytics
  • Files
  • Files Manager
  • Flow Networking
  • Foundation
  • IPMI (NX Series Hardware)
  • Karbon
  • Karbon (Airgap)
  • LCM Updates
  • Move
  • Nutanix SCOM MP
  • Objects
  • Prism Central
  • Prism Central (Image Management)
  • Pulse Support and Alerts
  • Remote Support
  • Volumes

Njoy the new doc