Nutanix Single Node Backup & Restore Solution Now Available

With Nutanix AOS version 5.0 there is now an opportunity to use a single Nutanix Node as a backup and restore / replication target. I have briefly mention this here before but wanted to give you some more information around this since i have received a lot of questions about the solution over the past weeks.

The reason for the single Node, NX-1155, Nutanix replication solution is to give Small & Medium Business (SMB) plus Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) solutions a low price backup and restore solution. There is always an option to use a traditional Nutanix cluster with three nodes as either backup & restore or disaster recovery solution, which many of my customer does. However, if you only have a small number of VMs the single Node Nutanix replication target will be a much better fit from a pricing perspective. Don’t get me wrong, the solution can receive Nutanix based snapshots from one Nutanix cluster and can not be used as a backup target for third party vendors.

Nutanix normally, in a Nutanix cluster with minimum of 3 Nodes, makes sure that the two (RF=2) or three (RF=3) data copies are not located on the same Nutanix Node. This is by design not possible with a single Node Nutanix cluster so the mechanism to protect data in this case is to make sure that both data copies as located on different SSDs and different HDDs.

Check out the below video created by my colleague Dwayne Lessner for setup and configuration information.

The NX-1155 comes with the following configuration where disk and nic options ardisk config is optional.

  • CPU: 2x 2620v4
  • Memory: 64GB
  •  Disk
    • SSD
      • Hybrid
        • 2 x 960GB
      • All-Flash
        • 12 x 960GB
        • 12 x 1920GB
    • HDD
      • 4 x 4TB
      • 6 x 4TB
      • 8 x 4TB
      • 10 x 4TB
  • NIC
    • Default
      • 4 x 1G
    • Optional
      • 2 x 10G SFP+ | 2 x 10G BASE-T | 4 x 10G SFP

Additional details are available on the official Nutanix Node specification site, which can be found here

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