Nutanix Support For OpenStack Queens Release

A while back, actually during Nutanix .Next event in London 2018, Nutanix released support for the OpenStack Queens release. When I scheduled the post to be published I for some reason chosed 2019-11-29 and not 2018-11-29 so it’s a bit delayed:)

The new release once again proves that Nutanix is taken the OpenStack path seriously which is really good and gives their customers freedom of choice when it comes to management capabilities. According to OpenStack official home web the Queens release has extended Maintenance until 2019-08-25.

The same drivers are included in the Nutanix support for Queens as with the other OpenStack releases meaning:

  • Nova – Compute
  • Neutron – Network
  • Glance – Image
  • Cinder – Block Storage

The below figure describes the Nutanix and OpenStack architecture

Figure borrowed from the official Nutanix website

As with previous Nutanix releases for OpenStack there are two deployment models available.

  • Driver Mode – All environment
  • OVM (Openstack Virtual Machine) – Only for proof of concept (POC)

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