Runecast Analyzer v2.5 Released

Runecast Analyzer version 2.5 has been released and it comes with a strong focus on End User Computing. All of you running VMware Horizon will find this new release very useful since it includes the following capabilities:

  • Scanning against and reporting of known VMware Horizon issues from the VMware knowledge base and shows you how to resolve any potential issues.
  • Validation of Horizon implementation against best practices which is nice since it provides a second pair of eyes for your design choices.
    Important:¬†As with every best practice it’s there because it will work X out of Y times. Might not be applicable to your environment, but you have probably already documented what path you took and why, but you’ll get a heads up that your environment deviate from best practices recommendations.
  • Intelligent analysis of Horizon components within the context of the underlying infrastructure e.g. vSphere, NSX and much more. Will highlight any potential¬†misconfigurations.

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