Runecast Analyzer v3.0 Released

Runecast Analyzer version 3.0 was released last week, 2019-08-21, and comes with some really nice new features and improvements. Two major improvements are scalability to increase performance and reliability for even the largest VMware environments out there. From a security perspective Runecast 3.0 comes with an API-driven token creation, expiration configuration & editable PCI-DSS security checks. Log analysis has also been improved.

  • A really awesome new feature which has been available in beta state a for a while is the ESXi simulator meaning you can see if you’re compliant after a potential ESXi upgrade. This will check against the VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) which can be a quite time consuming effort.
  • Dark mode is introduced in the vSphere Web Client – Looks pretty good.

    Picture borrowed from the official Runecast web site.
  • VMware vSAN components are included in the HCL check. You’ll get information disk model number, firmware level, tier, & to which disk controller it is connected.

    Picture borrowed from the official Runecast web site.

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