VMware vSphere 6.7 U3 Released

A few days ago, 2019-08-21, VMware released vSphere 6.7 Update 3. No specific Swedish related updated this time but there are a few quite interesting stuff anyway 🙂

There are some new features and many resolved issues. New features includes:

  • You can change Primary Network Identifier (PNID) of your vCenter Server Appliance. Includes changes to fully qualified hostname (FQDN) or host name as well as IP address changes to Nic 0.
  • Up to four NVIDIA virtual GPU for a VM
  • vMotion for vGPU based virtual machines – just set vgpu.hotmigrate.enabled to true to make it happen
  • Publish template to multiple subscribers same time via published library
  • Enhancements to the following drivers:
    • bnxtnet
    • ixgben
    • VMXNET3
  • vCenter Server support for Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS)

There are resolved issues in the following areas:

  • CIM and API
  • CLI
  • Guest OS
  • Miscellaneous
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Server Configuration
  • Storage
  • Tools
  • Upgrade
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • vSphere Web Client
  • vSphere Client

Two really good fixes which I have encountered in the filed are:

  • Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) could incorrectly detect an imbalance in the cluster and initiate multiple vMotions. Not that common since num of running hosts & failover hosts are nearly equal.
  • Revert to snapshot o VM connect the VM to the vDistributed Switch port group even though it was disconnected at the time when the snapshot was taken.

Useful Links

As usual – Before starting to use a new version make sure make sure you verify that your environment, including all your hardware and software components, supports it….