ServiceNow & Nutanix Era Integration – Provision a MariaDB Database

Never say never again:) It took me about 5 years since I last created a YouTube video but lately I have been recorded a few new once.

It’s still with automation/orchestration in focus and the first video will be about ServiceNow to Nutanix Era integration.
As you know, Nutanix has an API first approach and this applies to Era as well and this means all you can do in the UI you can do via API. This makes it easy to create integrations from an overlying automation & orchestration portal/solution.

In this video I’ll show how a MariaDB database, including the virtual machine where the database is hosted, is deployed. The following ServiceNow Application constructs are being used to create the ServiceNow Catalog Item:

  • Tables
  • Catalog Items
  • Categories
  • Catalog UI Policies
  • Variable Sets
  • Workflow
  • Email