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NDB DB Server VM Vertical Scaling

With the release of NDB 2.5 back in October 2022 the capability of vertically scaling your DB Server VM was added as a tech preview and as you know Nutanix does not recommend you to use tech preview features in production environments. However i’m happy to let you know that vertical scaling is no longer …

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Nutanix Database Service (NDB) 2.5 Released

Today, 2022-10-03, a new version of Nutanix Database Service, formerly known as Era, has been released meaning the latest & greatest NDB version is 2.5. Before going into the new features & functionality i’d like to highlight the new NDB control plane (instance) scalability capability which now includes management of up to 1 000 DBs, …

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Nutanix Calm Update Via LCM

Quick blog post that will cover updating Nutanix Calm via the Nutanix component Life Cycle Manager (LCM) which is available in both Prism Element (PE), the Nutanix Cluster, and via Prism Central (PC). Since Calm belongs to Prism Central we can obviously not upgrade it via PE and must use PC which most of the …

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