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New vRealize Automation (vRA) reference architecture – No more single point of failure

VMware has recently released an updated version of the vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) whichΒ will be renamed to vRealize Automation (vRA) in the next (6.2) release so i’ll call it vRA from now on. Two things caught my attention and especially one which i have been looking for a long time now. There is no longer …

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Reset vCenter Single Sign On password

A customer of mine lost their password for the vCenter Single Sign On (SSO), version 5.1, admin@system-domain account. It is possible to reset the admin@system-domain account if you know the password configured during the installation. However, my customer had not changed the password since the installation meaning there is no supported way of changing the …

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vSphere and vCloud Director database creation script

A customer called me yesterday asking for a script to create the necessary databases to run: vCenter Server vCenter Single Sign On vCenter Update Manager vCloud Director The customer was about to perform a clean install in their test environment and will be using vCenter Server 5.1 U1, ESXi 5.1 U1 and vCloud Director (vCD) …

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