Upgrade Nutanix Operating System via CLI


The other day i had to upgrade one customers Nutanix Cluster via the command line. I will not go in to details about why but let’s say it had to do with internal policies. I have written about how to upgrade the Nutanix Operating System (NOS) before and as outlined in this blog post i normally use, and it is the recommended way, the Nutanix Prism (user interface) to do the NOS upgrades. There are situations where the CLI might be useful and if needed you can follow the procedure outline below to conduct an upgrade


  • Log on to one of the Nutanix Controller Virtual Machines and verify you got enough available disk space using the following command:
    • du -hs
  • Perform a Nutanix Cluster health check to verify everything looks good before upgrading your system. Use the following command:
    •  ncc health_checks run_all
  • Upload the upgrade file to one of the CVMs using e.g. the following command:
    • scp nutanix_installer_package-danube-4.1.4-6951.tar.gz nutanix@
  • Unpack the Nutanix Cluster installation file on the CVM using the following command
    • tar -xvf nutanix_installer_package-danube-4.1.4-6951.tar.gz

Perform the upgrade

  • Enable auto install via the CVM on the Nutanix Cluster using the following command:
    • cluster enable_auto_install
  • Perform the NOS upgrade via the CVM using the following command:
    • /home/nutanix/install/bin/cluster -i /home/nutanix/install upgrade

You can follow the upgrade process via e.g.:

  • tail the finish.out and genesis.out file using:
    • tail -f finish.out
    • tail -f genesis.out
  • run the command:
    • upgrade_status

Verify the upgrade

When the upgrade is finished you can disable auto_install if needed by running the following command:

  • cluster disable_auto_install

Verify that the new version is installed using the following command:

  • ncli cluster status
    In my case the output was:

    • Cluster Version : danube-4.1.4-stable
    • Changeset ID : xxxxxx
    • Changeset Date : 2015-07-xx xx:yy:zz -0700
    • ncli Version : danube-4.1.4-stable
    • Changeset ID : xxxxxx
    • Changeset Date : 2015-07-xx xx:yy:zz -0700
  • Per CVM you can also verify the current version via the following command:
    • cat /etc/nutanix/release_version

So this is what you can do if you are not able to upgrade NOS via Nutanix Prism which is much easier and absolutely the preferred way.

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