VCDX56 summary of 2013

Well, this will be a very short summary of my first year as a blogger. When i started this blog back in March 213 i decided to write about the architectural and technical challenges i’m facing during my day to day work. This means my blog posts might not unique but they are something i experienced and they can hopefully bring value for my readers.
Read my About section, if you got the time and if you care, to get an understanding of what you can expect from this blog.

For those of you following my blog realized a small change to the blog setup a few days ago when the blog post “vCenter Site Recovery Manager installation fails.” was published.
I have opened up for guest bloggers. I really think this can bring additional value to the blog but i’ll keep on posting at least (that is my goal) one blog post per week myself.
This means that vcdx56.com will still be my very own blog.

My most read blog post during 2013, apart form the VCDX56 home page, is “Schedule PowerCLI script in Windows task scheduler”

Another thing, i’m actually a little proud of the fact that i have managed to get some blog sponsors. I didn’t think about that when i started but i realize that it’s a good way of making the blog more known in the community.
So a big thank you to my blog sponsors and i hope you get the expected value out of the blog sponsorship.
A few of my sponsors have asked if they can publish a blog post and i have agreed to this if the blog describes a virtualization related problem that they can solve. This means i will not allow a complete advertising blog post to be published. We will start in January 2014 and only one blog post slot is open each month. Stay tuned because i really hope to learn something from these blog posts.

Thanks to my blog readers and hope to see you back in 2014.

Happy New Year

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