vCenter Server 5.5 Update 1c released

Today, 2014-07-22, VMware released vCenter Server Update 1c and this version focus a lot focus on resolving problems related to vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) and vCenter Single Sign On (SSO) e.g:.

  • Attempts to use the Windows Session Authentication feature might fail with the error:
    “Windows Session Authentication login has failed as a result of an error caused by the VMware Client Integration Plugin”
  • Attempts to log in to vCloud Automation Center using vSphere Single Sign-On 5.5.0b might fail with the error:
    “Error received by LDAP client: com.vmware.identity.interop.ldap.WinLdapClientLibrary, error code: 10”
  • Attempts to log in to vCloud Automation Center fail if the password contains the colon (:) character
  • Attempts to perform vCloud Automation Center tenant administration operation fails with a “System Exception error”.

There are additional fixes but the once i have listed above are those i know my previous vCAC implementations will benifit from. This is really great and i know what to do the next few hours:)

The vCenter Server 5.5 Update 1c can be downloaded here and the release notes can be found here.