vCloud Director 9.5 Announced

Almost one year ago I wrote about the vCloud Director (vCD) 9.0 announcement here and a few days ago vCloud Director 9.5 was announced. This means VMware announces 9.5 during the VMworld (a few days earlier but anyway) timeframe this year as well.

There are some interesting changes and new features coming along with this release. Haven’t seen this myself since I have not been involved in any beta program but some of them for sure looks and sounds interesting.

  • Container-orchestration for cloud consumers. Deploy both VMs and containers, consumed via Kubernetes, in our vCD.
  • Changes in the Role Based Access System (RBAC)
  • New vCD appliance deployment models. Keen to find out exactly what that means.
  • Additional integration with NSX including e.g. the possibility to stretch networks across virtual datacenters on different vCenter Servers or vCD instances residing at different sites right from the UI.
  • Cross-platform networking for Cloud Providers. Makes it possible for NSX-T and NSX-V managers in same vCD instance to create isolated logical L2 networks with a direct connected network.
  • HTML5 Interface – Yeah that was announced with vCD 9.0 as well but didn’t turn out that way 100% but with vCD 9.5 the Flex UI should/will be gone.
  • Data protection capabilities. EMC Avamar is added to the vCD UI to make it easier for end consumers to manage these tasks. This is made possible based on the extensible tools available via vCD which means you (software vendor, cloud provider) can publish services to the vCD UI as needed. Hopefully other vendors will follow.

Read more about the announcement here. and check out the vCloud Director resource page here.

Updated 2018-10-05: vCloud Director 9.5 Released