VMware Sweden VCDX certification webinar

Friday this week, 21:st of February, i’ll join VMware Sweden when they’ll host a certification webinar. I will focus on the VCDX certifications i got and i guess it will be similar to the interview i had last year, together with Tomas Fojta, for VMware certification website, available on my blog here and on the public VMware web site  here.

One thing is different and that is off course the participant interaction where everyone joining the webinar will be able to ask questions. If you got any VCDX related questions for the webinar you can either reach out to me on twitter, @magander3, or contact VMware Sweden via twitter @VMwareSverige.

If you haven’t already, i strongly suggest you check out the entire VMware Sweden spring webinar schedule here.
This post focuses mostly on my Swedish followers/readers since the webinars are held on Swedish, the Friday one as well.
However, if you would like to ask me any VCDX related questions you got the blog contact form available here or you can use my already mentioned twitter account @magander3.

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