vCloud Automation Center 6.0 SP1 released

Yesterday, 2014-02-13 very late Swedish time, VMware released vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) 6.0 SP1. This is really good since i have seen quite a few things that will make my current vCAC projects a little bit easier. Below i have listed a few thing i’ll find very useful immediately.

  • Error during import leads to data loss and machines being destroyed in vCenter – This seems to be related to my blog post “Heads up! vCloud Automation Center might delete VMs during import.” which you’ll find here. However the VMware KB 22066200 describing the issue seems to be broken.
  • Special characters in password not being parsed correctly – This seems to be related to my blog post “Password complexity problem in vCloud Automation Center 6.0” which you’ll find here. However, the ” character is not mentioned in the release notes so i’ll stay away from that character.
  • The Prerequisite Checker does not check HTTP activation for .NET 4.5 when installing on Windows 2012
  • vCloud Automation Center does not work with vCenter Virtual Appliance
  • <The Orchestrator server might not start when you join vCloud Automation Center Single Sign-On to an Active Directory domain

More bugs are fixed and the complete release notes can be found here and you can download vCAC 6.0 SP1 here.

I haven’t seen any information about the Windows Session Authentication functionality and/or smart card functionality. I wrote a blog post about the smart card issue a few days ago which you can find here if you haven’t already read it.

Guess i need to try these things myself and verify is some progress has been made.

Unfortunately there is still no support for .Net 4.5.1. I wrote a blog post about that as well, which you can find here, a while ago.

Thanks VMware for this update.

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