VMworld 2013 Barcelona blogger pass

1.5 months ago i received an email from the vExpert community telling me there is an option to apply for a VMworld blogger pass. Since i was not sure if my company would send me to VMworld or not i applied for a blogger pass but my initial thought was i didn’t stand a chance against the more known vExperts. But further down in the email i found something that increases my chances to get a blogger pass, the invites are not given out based on:

  • Fame.
  • Size of blog.
  • If you know VMware personnel or not.

A couple of days ago i received a Barcelona blogger pass and i would like to send a big thank you to the VMware persons involved in the decision and vExpert  program e.g. John Mark Troyer, Corey Romero.

I’ll definitely do my best to keep up with the other bloggers on site at VMworld in Barcelona and my plan is to update the blog at least once a day between the 15-17 october.