VMworld Barcelona 2014 – Day 2 summary

So i started the second day of VMworld Barcelona 2014  pretty much the same way as the first one, by watching the keynote. The second day usually focus more on technical stuff compared to the opening keynote and it was the same this year.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 02.59.18


First Carl Echenbach interviewed a few people and first on stage was SAP who runs over 70 000 virtual machines for different purposes and some month they actually rebuilt as many as 30 000 virtual machines! Next on stage was Vodafone who runs a Hybrid Cloud solution for Enterprises.

VMware Integrated Openstack (VIO)

VIO delivers developer friendly API’s running on vSphere. It can be monitored and operated by vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Busines. OpenStack is deployed using a single OVF (Open Virtualization Format) that includes e.g. optimized installers, configuration, management tools, drivers meaning basically a standard OpenStack plus required components. VIO lets vSphere administrators manage OpenStack via a vSphere Web Client OpenStack plugin form within the vSphere web client and i think this will speed up the adoption of OpenStack a lot.

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vRealize Code Stream

vRealize Code Stream, which i mentioned in my blog yesterdaywill help in the release process from development to production while reducing the operational risk.
vRealize Code Stream runs on vRealize Automation and the demo was actually quite cool. Via the Pipeline and Pipeline Execution you get a good overview and can you can also drill down and see the development lifecycle of e.g. staging, system integration and production.

Docker containers

Docker is an open platform for distributed application that can be used for both developers and sysadmins which leverage the Linux Container (LXC). VMware have compared containers on bare metal and containers running within a vSphere virtual machine and the overhead seems to be around 3% or less.
So why not achieve e.g. automation, increased availability, better SLA’s, management without downtime and run docker on vSphere.

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vRealize Air & vRealize Air Compliance

vRealize Air and vRealize Compliance will helps you manage and provision your infrastructure services on both public and private clouds with the same administrative experience. By using hardening guides, regulatory compliance policies and industry best practices you can automate the detection of non compliant infrastructure components.

Breakout sessions

NET1589 Reference Design for SDDC with NSX & vSphere

This was a really good session including quite a few good laughs. It think this is the breakout session where i have learned the most so far. Main takeaway from the session is that i need to improve my networking skills:)

Solutions exchange

So today i spend quite some time at the solutions exchange and talked to a lot of vendors.

Also spend time at our both describing Nutanix, answering questions and talking to a few new potential customers.
It’s amazing how well know the Nutanix solution has become compared to last year. Now many people approaching our both actually knows what we do meaning we can focus on describing how and of course what we can do for the customer.

Blogger Area

Spend some more time at the blogger area today and i actually created 90% of this blog post and the Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) Program blog post released earlier today.
Same as yesterday, always nice to catch up with people you normally only chatting with via twitter.

VMware Party

Last stop at the event today was the VMworld party. I had quite a few good chats, good food and listen to Simple Minds who played for about one hour.
It was a good party!

That’s all for today. C U tomorrow – last day