VMworld Barcelona 2015 – Day 3 summary

Last day at VMworld this year and it was quite a busy one. Spend quite some time at the solutions exchange and i think it was a pretty good move since it was a lot less people and easier to find the type of person per both you wanted to talk to compared to the previous days.

Spend time at the Nutanix booth talking to specifically one existing customer regarding environment design, expansion and operational procedures.


Today i only attended one session and it was NET6617-GD – NSX and vCloud Director (vCD)  with Ray Budavari & Wade Holmes.

This was a group discussion with questions going both ways where the presenters asked a few questions about existing adoption and way customer way forward. Around 70-75% of the audience were Service Providers, some Enterprise customers, a few partners and consultants.

My two questions during the session were:

  • What will happen when vNetwork an Security is end of support next year, can we expect a NSX lite version?
    • I didn’t get an answer to this one so i guess we will have to wait some more time before we find out.
  • When can we expect NSX Security Groups to be available in vCD?
    • In the near future meaning it is on the road map and this was a pretty answer.

As of today you can do an in-place upgrade going from vCNS to NSX even if you can’t use all NSX features. The vCNS Edges should not be upgraded since vCD does not support NSX Edge Appliances.
vCD can from version 8.0 use external created networks which is quite cool, didn’t know that.

In this section i also think it’s good to mention that VMware announced the VMware vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers (vCAT-SP) a few days ago. Read more about that here.


There were many good sessions recorded by the vBrownBag team and one, not specifically about a technical topic, that i liked was “Picking Up New Skills” with Chris Wahl. If you haven’t already i suggest you watch the 10 minute video right away.

You can find a lot more vBrownBag sessions from VMworld here.

Had to leave for the airport at 3 PM so wasn’t around until the end but i think i got a lot out of the event this year as well. If i had to point out one single thing i thought was the best during VMworld it will be the announcement of vRealize Automation (vRA) 7.0. It will make life simpler in terms of design, implementation, blueprint and service development and daily operations. Still much i don’t know sine i’m not in the beta program but i found out quite a lot during the event.

Stay safe & hope to C U next year..

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