6 months as a blogger – my thoughts

Today i have been a blogger for 6 months and i thought i would write a short post about my time as a blogger so far.

A lot of positive stuff have happend during the 6 months:

  • I have published 51 posts.
  • I was awarded the VMware vExpert 2013 title for the first time.
  • I have received a VMworld Barcelona blogger pass from VMware.
  • Veeam has become a sponsor of my blog.
  • I have also been able to direct a few of my customer to blog posts a couple of times instead of writing them emails which is really good.

I must say i enjoy writing blog posts even though it tend to take much more time per blog post than i expected. Maybe i just need to improve my speed writing skills:)

Before i started to blog i was told that it is really hard to get a blog well known since there are a lot of talented people blogging about virtualization these days. I told myself to give it a shot during 6 months and evaluate the situation and i must say that i totally agree with the statement so far.
I don’t have that great number of unique blog visitors per day but i have decided to keep on blogging since i really enjoy it.

So stay tuned for more blog posts.

Thanks for the twitter retweets & mentions, the comments on the blog and feedback received via other social media channels.


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