Disable Nutanix PRISM Login Screen Animation

A while back i had to change the Nutanix PRISM login screen behaviour to not include the animation of background particles.
There are quite a few ways of doing this as described in Nutanix knowledgeable article 1308

This blog post will cover 4 different ways of managing the animation and the reason for this blog post was option 4 since I had to do it for┬ámany ROBO sites before the first PRISM connection based on the very limited bandwidth available. If you’re interested in the RESP API way to disable the login animation you can skip to option 4 immediately.

  1. The easiest one is to just click the “Freeze space time continuum!” on the PRISM login screen. This option is available on newer AOS releases.

    To change it back just click the new link called “Engage the warp drive!”
  2. The next option requires you to login to the Prism interface and:
    • select the “UI Settings” option via the Gear icon on the right hand side.
    • Uncheck the check box under Login Customization “Enable animated background particles”

      • To have the animation back, just click the checkbox.
  3. Add “login?novideo=true” to the PRISM URL e.g.:
    • http://PRISM_FQDN/#login?novideo=true
    • https://PRISM_FQDN:9440/console/#login?novideo=true
  4. Run a script to disable the login animation. For the purpose of this blog I created a script called welcomwebanner.sh which I ran from my MacBook after the cluster setup.
    # Script to disable PRISM login screen animation
    # Ver 1.0
    # Author: Magnus Andersson - Sr Staff Solution Architect @ Nutanix
    # Specify PRISM FQDN or IP Address 
    # Specify PRISM user name
    # Specify Prism user password
    curl -u $user:$pass -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT -d '{"username":"system_data","key":"disable_video","type":"WELCOME_BANNER","value":"true"}' https://$fqdn:9440/PrismGateway/services/rest/v1/application/system_data?type=welcome_banner

    Thanks to my colleague Russ Creech for helping me find the exact REST API URL

    The only things you need to specify in the script are:

    • PRISM User Name
    • PRISM User PasswordThe script output is shown below.