Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Reference Architecture v3

The third version of Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Reference Architecture, formerly known as Nutanix Private Cloud Reference Architecture has been released. The major addition compared to previous versions is the inclusion of the following Nutanix components:

  • Era
  • Karbon
  • Files
  • Objects
  • Mine
  • Flow
  • Clusters

This document follows the same structure as the previous versions meaning it’s describing what approach (methodology) to use, Β what to consider/ take into account and what decisions to include when designing a private cloud solution based on the Nutanix platform. As always, the most important inout parameters when putting together a design are Β the customer requirements and identified constraints. These are included as design objectives in the document which consists of five major sections:

  • Architecture Overview
  • High-Level Design Considerations
  • Detailed Technical Design
  • Multi-Datacenter Design for Nutanix Core and BC/DR
  • Incorporating Optional Nutanix Products and Services

Critical to understand is that the design decisions included in the document respects the design objectives included, meaning they can and most likely will change based on your requirements.

Get your copy of the Multi-Site Private Cloud Architecture via:

The previous two versions can be found here:

There might be a fourth release in the future – stay tuned….