Era Managing the Network IP Pool or Not

Wanted to tell you about a confusion i have seen a few times when it comes to Era Networks and consuming Era via the API.

In my example below, from the Era UI, the network default-era-npx5-01 has Manage IP Address Pool set to In Era meaning Era will assign IP Addresses from its IP pool to DB Server VMs attached to the Network Profiles created based on the default-era-npx5-01 network.

So far so good, right. Now when you list the available networks via the Era API using for example URL https://ndb01.magander.se/era/v0.9/resources/networks (there are other URIs which can be used to get network information) you’ll get a field in the response body called managed and for my example network, default-era-npx5-01 the field says false. This is where the confusion is.

The managed field does not indicate if the network is managed by Era which you might think, it indicates if the network is an AHV Managed Network or not. Era do support AHV Managed Networks.

It is the field type that tells you whether or not the network is managed by Era and static means it is and DHCP means it is managed outside of Era.

Some additional information about network management:

  • AHV unmanaged networks will always be managed In Era
  • AHV managed networks, where AHV provides an IP address management service and provide IP addresses, will always be managed Outside Era.
  • ESX networks will always be managed In Era.

Happy Era API:ng 🙂