June 2016 VCDX56 sponsor blog by Infinio

This blog post i delivered by the blog sponsor Infinio who presents three top things to know about Infinio’s Accelerator 3.0 release.

A while back week we released version 3.0 of our flagship Infinio Accelerator product, a software-based server-side cache that provides high performance to any storage system in a VMware environment.

Here are 3 things to know about version 3.

1. You get unprecedented performance.
How about 1,000,000 IOPS and 20GB/sec of bandwidth from each ESXi host? And response times under 100 μs. Your storage system gets offloaded, giving it more headroom, and your applications’ hottest data gets served server-side from RAM and flash, at microsecond-level response times.

2. You can accelerate any storage.
This including VMware datastores (VMFS or NFS) that are on SAN, NAS, or DAS, whether it’s all-flash, hybrid, VVOL, or hyper-converged including Nutanix and VSAN. We built this release on VMware’s VAIO (vSphere APIs for IO filters) framework, so we’ll have immediate support for future storage and datastore types too.

3. You can install Infinio in 15 minutes with no downtime.
You don’t even need to put your hosts in maintenance mode. Also, no changes to your environment, so keep your storage snapshots, replication, and thin provisioning, as well as your backup scripts, utilization reports, and datastore configuration.

Interested to learn more?

Here’s a 90-second walkthrough:

Or, request a free 30-day fully-featured trial.