Meet NPX 010 – Sachin Bhowan

  • Name: Sachin Bhowan
  • NPX Number: 010
  • Employer: VMXperts
  • Blog URL:
  • Twitter: @sbhowan
  • Virtualisation background: I started with VMware in 2003 to develop a disaster recovery platform and have been working with virtualization ever since.
  • Storage Background: Have worked with multiple and various storage platforms throughout my career in terms of design, troubleshooting and managing these platforms.
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure background:  I started following Nutanix when I first heard about them. I kept in sync with the development of the platform and soon started working actively with their products..
  • Future of HCI and other emerging technologies: HCI is start of a major shift in the IT landscape and is going to start serving as the platform for future business applications and services. This framework is ideally suited to maximise the full potential of both hardware and software features as they develop and improve over time.
  • Value of NPX:  The value is being able to work through the various platforms in order to meet the best business requirement in a manner that is the best value for the business hence the choice of multiple hypervisors, this combined with the array of features within the platform that best suit the business and technical requirements. This requires a considerable understanding of all the relevant components within the solution (network, storage, compute, recoverability, continuity and availability) to ensure services operating are optimal and operational. NPX stands to confirm and validate these skills when applied against the Nutanix platform in order to extend or even exceed the initial solution requirements.
  • What made you go for NPX: Being in IT means you can’t stand still and for me it was about taking on the challenge of learning new things and new ways of doing things. The NPX was the apex of the challenge that lay in this path. NPX ensures a holistic approach is taken to determine the best possible solution an architect can deliver without making the solution too complex and cumbersome.
  • Advise to people looking into the NPX track: Good preparation is key with an all round knowledge of all things related when designing and deploying a datacenter. It is also a lot of hard work to get to the defense so be prepared to slog it out. Things can possibly change during your preparations because life happens so be prepared and handle the changes and part of the challenge to persevere when taking on this task.