NDB Quick Tip VIII – PostgreSQL EnterpriseDB

NDB currently supports PostgreSQL with both single deployment model and in a highly available deployment model.  PostgreSQL community edition (CE) is what i’m getting most questions about and what i have seen our NDB customer using the most but some customers are also using PostgreSQL EnterpriseEDB and this is also an edition which NDB supports.

Nutanix has updated their official documentation including which PostgreSQL EDB version together with what operating system plus version(s) NDB supports at present time.

The information can be found in the latest NDB release notes here and is also presented below.

  • PostgreSQL EDB version:
    • 14.x
  • Operating System:
    • RedHat Enterprise Linux:
      • 8.6
      • 8.4

With every new release of NDB this information will be included in the release notes.

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