Nutanix Files 3.5 Released

Yesterday, 2019-03-18, Nutanix released a new version of Nutanix Files, formerly known as Nutanix Acropolis File Services, meaning the latest and greatest version is now 3.5.0. Nutanix Files is the Nutanix file server and it currently supports the following protocols:

  • SMB 2.0
  • SMB 2.1
  • SMB 3.0
  • NFS v3
  • NFS v4

Quite a few new features included in this dot release including:

  • AOS Software Encryption for File Server Data
  • Change File Tracking (CFT) Backup for NFS
  • Multibyte Character Support for Share Root (SMB)
  • NFS v3
  • Self-Service Restore (SSR) for NFS

Nutanix Files Deployment – Figure Borrowed From Nutanix Official Documentation

Technical Preview

The following features are new to Nutanix Files 3.5.0 but are still in technical preview meaning you should not use them in production environments.

  • File Analytics
    • ¬†Get information about activity, monitor anomalies and perform file and user auditing.
  • Multi-Protocol (NFS / SMB)

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