Top vBlog Results 2018 Are Out

A blog post dedicated to my blog readers.


15:th of December last year the annual top vBlog voting hosted by Eric Siebert at vSphere-land and sponsored by Turbonimic, for the third year in a row, ended and yesterday 21 March the results were announced.

The live session can be viewed here was hosted by Eric SiebertEric Wright from Turbonimic,, John Troyer & my colleague Angelo Luciani. As usual the top 25 spots were announced during the live session and I’m happy to announce that I made it into that list for 2018 as well, my blog was voted #24

Picture borrowed from the top vBlog presentation at vSphere-land

This means my blog has been voted according to the below since I started the blog:

  • 2018 – #24
  • 2017 – #14
  • 2016 – #15
  • 2015 – #17
  • 2014 – #18

It’s a real honor that so many people find my blog valuable and includes it in their voting.

For additional information see, Top 25 plus Category winners

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