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Nutanix ERA 2.4.1 Released

About 2.5 months since the previous release of Nutanix DBaaS Era, version 2.4, a new version called 2.4.1 was released today 2022-04-11. It enables you to patch Standby Oracle Databases in addition to primary databases and includes support for latest the AOS release meaning AOS 6.1. There are many enhancements and fixes included with 2.4.1 …

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Era – Select Different Compute Profiles During PostgreSQL High Availability Provisioning

IMPORTANT: It is not supported to use different Compute Profiles for the different DB Server VMs, just different Compute Profiles for the group of DB Server VMs & the HA Proxy VM(s)!!!! ——————————————————————————————— When provisioning a PostgreSQL High Availability setup using Nutanix Era you have the option to also deploy a pair of HA Proxy …

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Nutanix ERA 2.4 Released

Today, 2022-01-24, Nutanix has release version 2.4 of its DBaaS platform Era. This version will let you manage 600 DBs across two Nutanix cluster from a single Era instance. Great enhancement. Highlighted New Features Apart from the scalability improvement already mentioned there are eight major new features in this new version and i’d like to …

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