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Understanding Nutanix Node Physical Memory Configuration

I wouldn’t say on a weekly basis, but I receive questions about physical memory configurations, physical memory speed, balanced vs un-balanced memory configurations from time to time. Based on that I have put together a document which you can access via the Nutanix Portal. Things like maximum memory frequency or speed and the number of …

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Nutanix AHV VM Reporting

While I was visiting a customer the other week we started to talk about VM reporting for Nutanix AHV and what we can do. There are several options to get the information required e.g. via REST API, ncli, acli, PowerShell and so on. Since this customer runs no Windows based VMs or physical workstations we …

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vSphere cluster resource pool configuration script

This blog will include the technical aspect (the script) which i mentioned in the blog post vCloud Director implementation for small businesses Input parameters: 4 vSphere cluster resource pools exists at the vSphere cluster root level SLA-Gold with priority value 10 SLA-Silver with priority value 5 SLA-Bronze with priority value 3 SLA-vCloud with priority value …

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