vShield Manager disk 100% full

A few days ago my vShield Manager, VSM, virtual machine (VM) disk system was filled up to 100%. Yes i know this is due to poor monitoring but it’s in my lab and i’m using it for a specific reason from time to time. At least i had some reporting of the issue so i could fix it.

All the times i have seen this it has been because of log files not being deleted.

The preferred way to solve this problem is to open a support request (SR) with VMware and let them take care of things but in many cases you might do some research yourself. This is what i did to solve the problem or simply free up some disk space.

  • Open the VSM console
  • Log on using the admin credentials
  • Type enable and the admin password once again
  • Start SSH, since i usually finds it easier to troubleshoot via an ssh session compared to the VM console, by typing the following command:
    • ssh start
  • Log on via ssh using the above described procedure
  • Verified the file system status/usage by typing the following command:
    • show filesystems
      It showed 100% utilisation for /dev/sda2 (root file system)
  • Clean up the log files by typing the following commands:
    • purge log manager
    • purge log system
  • Verified file system usage and it still showed 100% utilisation for the root file system
  • Reboot the VSM
  • Verified file system usage and it now showed 4 GB available disk space

This solution applies to vShield Manager version 5.5.3 build 2175697

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 14.01.27

Case closed:)

Apparently this works for NSX (more specifically at least for NSX 6.1.4) as well according to Mohammed Salem
hanks for letting me know.


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