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  5. Nutanix ERA 2.4.1 Released — April 11, 2022

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Era – Select Different Compute Profiles During PostgreSQL High Availability Provisioning

IMPORTANT: It is not supported to use different Compute Profiles for the different DB Server VMs, just different Compute Profiles for the group of DB Server VMs & the HA Proxy VM(s)!!!! ——————————————————————————————— When provisioning a PostgreSQL High Availability setup using Nutanix Era you have the option to also deploy a pair of HA Proxy …

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Nutanix AOS 5.20.3 & AHV 20201105.2244 Released

A few days ago, 2022-01-24, a maintenance release to the latest long term support (LTS) version of AOS, 5.20, was released meaning the latest LTS release is now 5.20.3. As with 5.20 the 5.20.3 release includes features from AOS STS (Short Term Support) 5.19, 5.19.1 and 5.19.2 plus additional improvements. Read more about difference between …

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Nutanix ERA 2.4 Released

Today, 2022-01-24, Nutanix has release version 2.4 of its DBaaS platform Era. This version will let you manage 600 DBs across two Nutanix cluster from a single Era instance. Great enhancement. Highlighted New Features Apart from the scalability improvement already mentioned there are eight major new features in this new version and i’d like to …

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Nutanix – Database Migration

Customers has been running databases on top of Nutanix HCI for quite a few years and the number keeps increasing. One reason being is obviously the magic HCI solution but another major reason is the Nutanix Database Management solution, Era, which i believe you are already familiar with. No matter if you’re using Era or …

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Era Managing the Network IP Pool or Not

Wanted to tell you about a confusion i have seen a few times when it comes to Era Networks and consuming Era via the API. In my example below, from the Era UI, the network default-era-npx5-01 hasΒ Manage IP Address PoolΒ set to In Era meaning Era will assign IP Addresses from its IP pool to DB …

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Container Storage Interface (CSI) 2.5 Released

A new version of the Nutanix Container Storage Interface (CSI) Volume Driver for Kubernetes has been released meaning the most recent version is now 2.5. It comes with the following new and/or enhanced features: CSI NFS Volume Resize feature allows dynamically resizing of persistent volumes (PVs). NFS IP whitelist meaning the NFS volume can only …

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Nutanix Prism Central 2021.9.0.4 Released – log4j

Two days ago, 2021-12-27, Nutanix released a new patched version of Prism Central based on the updated security issues with log4j. It was only seven days since the previous patch so let’s hope this is the last one addressing the log4j issue but you never know. As usual Prism Central can be downloaded via Nutanix …

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Christmas Swag From VEEAM

By following a real simple two step process you can get your hands on some nice swag from VEEAM. It’s about providing your details (name, email, company and region) and share a story via social media where you have three pre-defined stories to select from. Not that complicated at all πŸ™‚ By doing the above …

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Can’t Transfer Files To vCenter Server 7.0

Yesterday, 2012-12-13, i once again encountered the problem of not being able to pscp files to my vCenter Server. i have run in to this a few times over the years and now it was time to write down the solution. When trying to run pscp.exe to transfer a file to vCenter Server 7.0U2d i’m …

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Edit macOS Preview Documents

I’m the first one to admit that i’m probably the last one to know that you can easily make changes to your screenshots in macOS using the built-in Preview application:) What you’re looking for is called Markup Toolbar….. So my use case was to hide information in a screenshot before i share it with other …

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Nutanix Era Reporting Script Databases Version 1.1

Just a quick note to let you know that i have updated the Era DB Reporting script with one new column, Database/Instance Status, which will be reported as the following: Information about the reporting script can be found in the original blog post which is available here. In short it let’s you create a report …

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Nutanix Microservices Platform (MSP) 2.3.4 Released

MSP is a managed platform based on Kubernetes for managing containerized services running on PC and a new version was released two days ago, 2021-11-24 meaning latest and greatest version of MSP is now 2.3.4. This is just a dot dot release but it comes with some good fixes that solves connectivity issues with Prism …

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Nutanix Files Released

As you might be aware of Nutanix Files version 4.0 was release in beginning of October 2021 and last week, 2021-11-08, a dot dot dot version was released. This version fixes an issues for Files environments with ICAP scans enabled. Nutanix Files Logical Overview – Figure Borrowed From Nutanix Official Documentation If you did …

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Era – Advanced Configuration Via Eraconfig UI Section

As i trust most of you familiar with Nutanix Era already know the Era configuration is stored in the repository (repo) backed by a PostgreSQL database running in the Era appliance. There are multiple options available for managing and configuring your Nutanix Era plattform. UI – Which actually performs API calls to the back end. …

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Nutanix ERA Security Document Version 2.0

Back in March earlier this year (2021) i published a blog post about an Era Security document i have put together and made available via the Nutanix Portal. As you might be aware of the document has been updated to reflect the changes included in Era version 2.3. When the initial Era Security doc was …

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Nutanix Era ServiceNow Plugin 2.0 Released

For almost 6 months ago Nutanix released an initial version of its Era ServiceNow plugin which i wrote about here. Today a new version, 2.0, of the ServiceNow certified plugin has been release and made available via the ServiceNow store. Picture borrowed from ServiceNow web pageΒ  In addition to the plugin capabilities included in the …

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