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Nutanix AOS 5.15.5 & AHV 20190916.410 Released

Yesterday, 2021-03-03, the fifth long term support (LTS) version of AOS 5.15 was released meaning the latest LTS version available is now 5.15.5. Read more about difference between LTS & STS (Short Term Support) here. AOS 5.15.5 comes with AHV version AHV 20190916.410 and can be managed with any of the following Prism Central versions: …

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Set VMware ESXi Date & Time Using esxcli

Yesterday, 2021-03-02, i ran into a problem where one ESXi server didn’t sync it’s time with the NTP server configured. It was lagging approximately 2h, 22min & 15sec. Current UTC was 07:51:55 when it should have been 10:13 The well known command esxcli is your friend if doing this via command line via SSH. trying …

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Nutanix Calm Version 3.2 Released

Last week a new version of Nutanix Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (Calm) software was released meaning the latest and greatest version is now 3.2…. Same as with Calm 3.0 the 3.2 version comes with 9 new features and a lot of enhancements to existing features. My top one new feature is…………………. Calm Data Back up …

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Atom Text Editor Won’t Start On MacBook

So the other day i ran into a problem when the graphical text editor of my choice for Macbook, Atom, didn’t start. I’m still using macos catalina 10.15.7 and the Atom version is 1.54.0. Atom didn’t completely launched when i try to start it and it didn’t matter if i started it via the Dock, …

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Nutanix AOS 5.19.1, AHV 20201105.1045 & Prism Central 2021.1 Released

Yesterday, 2021-02-10, Nutanix released a new short term support, STS, release of AOS meaning the latest STS is now 5.19.1. Read more about difference between LTS & STS (Short Term Support) here. In addition AHV 20201105.1045 was also released. A few more days back, 2021-02-05, Prism Central, PC, pc.2021.1 was released so quite a few …

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Nutanix Files 3.8 Released

A new version of Nutanix Files (Files), formerly knowns and Nutanix Acropolis File Services (AFS), was released yesterday 2021-01-25 which means the latest version available is 3.8 and requires minimum AOS versions 5.15.3 or 5.19. Files is Nutanix scale out file server which let’s you share files within in a controlled and secured manner. Nutanix …

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Heads Up! – New Nutanix Era Version 2.1 PostgreSQL User and Group Requirements

Quick note to let you know about a PostgreSQL related change that has been implemented in Nutanix Era 2.1. As you know Era comes with a PostgreSQL software profile including VM built on CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 and PostgreSQL version 10.4. This Era software profile is not affected meaning this note is addressing the PostgreSQL …

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Monitor Era Operation Progress – Calm & Era Integration

I’m getting more and more questions about integrations to Nutanix Era from overlying self-service, automation and orchestration services/tools. It’s a perfect match since integrations to Era is one of my responsibilities these days so keep the questions coming:) There is another blog post which covers Era progress monitoring via ServiceNow available here. In this blog …

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Nutanix Move 3.7 Released

A new version of Nutanix Move has been released. This is the first dot release in 2021 and the latest version available is now 3.7. As you might know Move is a VM migration tool which makes it possible to migrate VMs between the following environments with minimal downtime: VMware ESXi to Nutanix clusters on …

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